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You can study a wide range of topics related to Romantic Science, including Healthcare through our school. The following pages take you through the wealth of study programs and options available for you. Whether you just wish to know more about Romantic Science or you wish to eventually become a practitioner, you will find something to meet your needs.


We are dedicated to a self-directed format, with guidance from a personal tutor and an emphasis on learning and understanding, as well as personal fulfillment. For us education is about love and excitement for learning.

Why Should I Study Romantic Science?

Romantic Science offers a systematic and well-grounded way to make sense of who we are, why we are, and where we are in the human condition and journey. The essence of man is mind and consciousness and the search for meaning and purpose. 

The essence of Western culture and the evolution of mind and consciousness is the Romantic Idea - the emergence of life in all its forms through the interplay of dynamic polarities.


Western philosophy, science and medicine have become one-sided, and as a result have been confined to the study of outer appearances and forms and a form of relativism regarding the nature of reality as well as being based largely on an abstraction called matter as the source of reality and life. Modern quantum physics has shown that matter is not fixed and durable, that what we think we know is doubtful, and that the very act of observation alters the nature of what is being observed. 

Why Should I Become a 
Romantic Science Healthcare Practitioner?

With the knowledge gained through Romantic Science, you have a firm foundation to enter into the application of natural laws to remove disease and disorder and restore and maintain health.​

As a practitioner of Romantic Healthcare, contrary to the conventional medical system, you will work with nature, not against it, you will remove disease, not suppress it, strengthen health, not undermine it. Equally, contrary to much of the natural health field, which is a confusion of competing claims lacking a clear organizing idea to connect them all and use them in a truly wholistic way, you will work on the basis of a comprehensive, integrated and rational system of therapeutics.


Both conventional medicine and alternative medicine have little to offer those suffering from chronic, complex problems. With the knowledge and skills received through Romantic Science and Healthcare you will be able to address such cases effectively. 

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