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Welcome to the School for Romantic Science and Healthcare!


We offer:


  • a unique education in history, philosophy, science and culture that is both dynamic and expansive, developing higher capacities of the mind;

  • an integrated, comprehensive training program and treatmen in scientific and wholistic healthcare grounded in natural, human and spiritual law principles;

  • an on-going program of courses designed to help you discover your unique capabilities and actualize yourself and your purpose in life.


We bring over 2000 years of Western philosophy and science to bear on the challenges of life, health and illness.  Our approach is organised around the Romantic Idea and how this has informed Western history, philosophy and science. You may have studied aspects of Western culture in the past, but never in this way. As Proust stated, it is not so much the discovery of new lands as the seeing of existing lands through new eyes that constitutes the true nature of discovery.


We are dedicated to the idea that each and every one of us already contains all the wisdom of the universe within us, but that we each require the right guidance to help bring this inner knowing to conscious apperception.


We are proud of our “knowledge-based” approach to learning, which values understanding over memorization, knowledge over information, continual improvement over static examinations. While information can become dated or even obsolete, the capacity to access one’s inner wisdom through a reason irradiated by means of a higher level of cognition (noetic ideation), the basis for all true science, can be yours for a lifetime. As our Chancellor has stated:


"The systematic capacitation of all of man's members and faculties in the act of knowing entails a special evolution of the whole Mind by various means which are not taught at any University. Any attempt to appeal only to the
intellectual aspect of our being is foredoomed to failure when it comes to holistic knowledge. So the pre-requisites for 'students' are qualitatively different than any normal curriculum and demand cultivation far beyond mere
instruction. It is nothing less than the dynamization of the Mind itself."


We look forward to welcoming you to a new world full of possibilities and a dynamic gymnasium for the development of your mind, body, soul and spirit. Start your journey of discovery today!



Rudi Verspoor


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