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Dynamic Regimen Program

The following gives you a brief outline of the various components of this study program.

Foundational Levels:


  1. Foundations of Western Culture

  2. Foundations of Romantic Science

  3. Foundations of Romantic Healthcare 


Level One - Principles of Regimenal Therapeutics

Part I - Fundamental Principles and Concepts

  • General Theory of Excitation (Brown)

  • Idea/Concept of Regimenal Polarities


Part II - Key Individuals/Approaches/Therapies  

  • History and explanation of physicians/therapies


Part III - Establishing an Integrated Therapeutic System


Level Two - Study of Remedial Measures

Part I - Four Cardinal Points

  • Hydration

  • Recreation

  • Dormition

  • Nutrition


Part II - Advanced Nutritional Approach

  • Epi-genotypes and Metabolic Types 

  • Superfoods

  • Foundational Formulations

  • Typologies vs Individualization


Part III - Additional Therapies

  • Vision

  • Heliotherapy

  • Essential Oils, Flower Essences, Biotherapies, etc.

Level Three -
Pre-Clinical Work

This component involves various exercises to integrate the previous study material into a comprehensive approach to therapeutic regimen, using actual and model cases. You will then be ready to enter the clinical internship if you so wish.

Clinical Internship


Having successfully completed the three levels of Dynamic Regimen, you will then be eligible to undertake a comprehensive clinical internship that will prepare you for a successful practice.


You will apply all that you have learned to actual cases, supervised by a skilled practitioner, who will guide you at every step. 


You will identify and treat underlying imbalances behind various disorders and determine what therapeutic measures are most appropriate and effective for a given case.


Once the internship is completed, you will have the necessary skills and confidence to start a rewarding practice helping people, even difficult ones where other treatments have yielded few or no results.

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