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Therapeutic Education


Pre-requisite: Foundations Course

Dynamic Education

Clinical Internship

This is intended for those who are striving to find out more about educating the mind and evolving one’s consciousness. It is intended to provide you with the training and tools to do more research on your own into key documents related to mind and consciousness and the search for the truth about ourselves and the world, natural, cultural and spiritual.

The Dynamic Education course consists of 10 study units. 

  • Unit One - Biblical History and Epistemological Foundation

  • Unit Two - Spiritual and Earthly Evolution

  • Unit Three - Scripture - Introduction to Texts, Hermeneutics, Exegesis

  • Unit Four - Genesis: Cosmogony 

  • Unit Five - New Testament: General

  • Unit Six - Unified Gospel

  • Unit Seven - Temptations/Beatitudes/Lord’s Prayer

  • Unit Eight - Revelation

  • Unit Nine - Evolution of Mind and Consciousness I

  • Unit Ten - Evolution of Mind and Consciousness II



A-Foundational Levels:


  1. Foundations of Western Culture

  2. Foundations of Romantic Science

  3. Foundations of Romantic Healthcare 

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