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Study Options

Winter School
It's Not All Work!
Summer School is Fun
Time for Relaxation

Auditing or Registered

Auditing allows you to study individual units at your own pace and for your own enjoyment, without any requirement for completion of study exercises and assessments. This option is for those who prefer self-study and the pure joy of learning something new to raise the mind and consciousness.


Registered students love learning, yet also wish to have experienced guidance to obtain the most from the study material via a personal tutor and carefully designed study exercises. They also wish to have formal recognition of their efforts via certification.


Distance Learning and In-Person Experiences 


Our programs are designed to be follwed regardless of where you are in the world. We use the latest innovations in telecommunications, the wealth of the Internet and the creative potential of interactive learning to provide an enriched educational experience, one that rivals (and exceeds) the more traditional approach of 'bricks and mortars' institutions without the high cost. 


Extensive study material is provided through on-line access using our custom-designed on-line learning site, as well as our Apple iTunes University site. Our study material consists of audio recordings, audio-visual webcasts, on-line links to resources, such as Wikipedia, YouTube, Google Books, plus hundreds of private databases and resource sites on the Internet.


Registered students are assigned a personal tutor who is available via e-mail, Skype or telephone.


There are also various on-line discussion forums to interact with other students at a peer level. 


Finally, we offer several opportunities for interaction with other students in the form of live Webcasts and occasional in-person events. These study sessions offer an opportunity to meet other students from around the world, to study various topics in greater depth and to get a chance to discuss issues related to Heilkunst with tutors and peers. Summer School study fees are included in the regular fees for various programs, to a maximum number of credits depending on the course of study (contact the Registrar for more details).


We also offer a Winter School usually in February (in-person as well in the sunny Bahamas) for those seeking to get in quality learning during a well-deserved rest on a quiet tropical island in the sun.


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