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Steven Decker,

Steven Decker has dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge and its dissemination. He has spent the past 40 years immersing himself in the works of Samuel Hahnemann, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Rudolf Steiner and Wilhelm Reich, among many other major contributors to Romantic Science and Healthcare. His University studies in Germany gave him the ability to understand and translate the key figures of the German Romantic period. His translation of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann’s works (Heilkunst and homeopathy), and in particular his Interlinear Extended Organon, has been praised as the most accurate and insightful rendering of this seminal work in Romantic Science and Healthcare.


It is thanks to Steven's insights and genius that the full scope of the Dynamic System of Thought has been developed into the full program of study of Romantic Science and Healthcare. His on-going research and collaboration with the Center for Romantic Science provides a dynamic stimulus to our programs, as they continue to evolve and expand.

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