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Meet & Learn, and connect with hugs and laughter...

HCH Autumn School

Oct 18 - 20, 2024

Perth, Ontario

Nourishing Body and Soul

Developing Mind and Consciousness

An invitation to all our graduates and students!

(This is an in-person only event.) 


“To Grow in the Presence of the Other”

Karma and Love

Reincarnation and Liberty


The World Axis of Evolution: Liberty ~ Love  * Karma ~ Reincarnation


Rudolf Steiner emphasized that his mission was particularly to teach about two polarities that form an axis for current earth evolution, and that of individual evolution of mind and consciousness.


For earth and individual evolution to take place, there needs to be separation from the Godhead (liberty) so that we can have the capacity to choose, and to learn the basis of that choice - love, or resonance with our given desire function. At the same time the capacity to choose results in decisions not in accord with that desire function (negative karma) and the necessity to provide a possibility to correct such choices, leading to the emergence of reincarnation, which also emerges as we incarnate more into the material realm.


This autumn school will explore the implications of these two fundamental polarities for understanding evolution and our own and our patients’ journey through this particular lifetime.

Save the dates! Registration is coming soon! Early registration is appreciated to help us to plan the event. 

Registration coming soon

Accommodations and Venue

Perth, Ontario
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Maberly Hall-2024.jpg

Accommodations in Perth area 

Perth, Ontario, is located about 1 hour southwest of Ottawa and 4 hours north of Toronto, a quaint town surrounded by lakes and small farms and wooded land. The Tay river meanders through a picturesque park in town. Nothing is too far. FoodSmith Organic food store is near Highway 7, two main streets in town boast enticing boutique stores and one-of-a-kind creative offerings, as well as restaurants. The township has kept the historic look of brick and stone buildings in town and there are no chain stores in sight. A treasure in your memory to be made! Create culture in nature!  



Conference venue: 


Maberly Community Hall, Maberly, Ontario, about 15 minutes drive, outside the town of Perth. 


Address: 180 Maberly Elphin Rd, Maberly, ON K0H 2B0

Perth is a hide-away country wedding destination in Ontario. Many vacation-stays and Airbnb. A few people can rent an Airbnb together.  More Local Updates here.

Airbnb: Perth Ontario

Here’s a list according to TripAdvisor:


Here’s a list from Perth tourism office:

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See  you there! 





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