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Romantic Philosophy and Science 

Foundations Program

This program consists of the three (3) Foundational Level studies, each containing various course units that may be taken individually on an audit basis or more comprehensively for certification or for the attainment of a diploma (general or honours). This page provides the general scope of each level. You can go to Course Curriculum - Foundations for more detailed information as to specific courses within each level.

In this program, you will gain an understanding of the grand sweep of Western history, philosophy and science, as well as arts and literature​, all through the organizing idea of Romantic Science.


Your understanding of the underlying foundations of Western culture will give greater meaning to the unfolding events of our time, and provide you with the necessary critical tools to make sense of them for you and your path in life. 


Part I - History of Western Culture

   Basic Cultural Literacy 

   History of Western Thought and Consciousness: Overview

   History of Modern Western Culture 


Part II - History of Western Thought

   The Epistemology of Wholeness: Seeing in a New Way

   The Scriptural Foundation of Western Culture

   Role of English Literature in Western Cultural Development 

What is Man? This question has bedeviled and tantalized man since philosophy and science began. 

Man is more than a machine, more than the outer material form. Man is a living, dynamic, and also romantic being governed and guided by living powers, forces and energies, the interaction of which at varying levels and systems makes us who and what we are. This level gives you the foundational laws, concepts and principles of a living (romantic) approach to nature, culture and the supersensible realm.


This foundational level  also provides a penetrating, comprehensive and dynamic approach to understanding ourselves as actors in the world,in terms of a physiology of living functions that reaches beyond the usual mechanical/matieral bio-chemistry. Man is purposeful movement and resonant interaction - man is both dynamic and romantic. 


Part I - Foundations of Romantic Science

   History of Romantic Philosophy and Science: Overview

​   Overview of the Concept of Science

   Concepts of Dynamic Science


Part II - Fundamentals of Dynamic Physiology

   Basics of Dynamic Physiology - Exoteric

   Basics of Dynamic Physiology - Esoteric

   Additional Individual Study Units on Dynamic Physiology

   The Ground Regulatory System or Extra-Cellular Matrix

This third Foundational level of study takes you deeper into an understanding of dynamic physiology, of particular interest to those already in a natural health discipline.


This level also provides you with the necessary foundational ideas, laws, concepts and principles of RomanticScience Healthcare. These are useful for a general understanding of ourselves and the world around us, and are particularly useful for further study in one or more of the therapeutic streams in RomanticScience Healthcare:


Therapeutic Regimen

Therapeutic Medicine


Therapeutic Education


Part I - Foundations of Romantic Science Healthcare
   The History of Romantic Science and Healthcare

   The General Theory of RomanticScience Healthcare

   The Special Theory of Disease


Part II - Advanced Dynamic Physiology
   Advanced Dynamic Physiology Units

   The Origins of Illness and Death

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