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More Articles in Wikipedia

There are a number of other articles in Wikipedia that are directly relevant to Romantic Science, in addition to the main ones (click on 'Wikipedia Articles' in the header above). These various articles will give you a very good introduction to the depth and breadth of the Romantic Idea in history, philosophy and science. 

If you are ready to explore this revolution in science and healthcare in more detail, to free your mind to go beyond the artificial trammels of the materialist paradigm, click on the 'Register Now for Studies' button above.


Romantic Epistemology

Nominalism versus Realism

The Plastic Principle


Thomas Reid and Common Sense Philosophy

Charles Sanders Peirce: American Pragmatism and Semiotics

William Whewell: Induction and Consilience

Romantic Medicineöschlaub

New Cellular Biology

Ground Regulatory Systemérieur {also for Baconian views on experimentation]


Aether and Dark Energy

Emergent Evolution

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