Rudi Verspoor


Director, HCH

Dean, School for Romantic Science and Healthcare

Head, Clinic

Rudi Verspoor has an Honours BA in History and completed the course work for his Master's​ in International Affairs. He obtained his diplomas in natural health and homeopathy in the early 1990s and began his practice.

Rudi has extensive teaching and writing experience, having lectured in many countries around the world, provided advice on public health issues and reform, and is a recognized leader in therapeutic medicine based on Dr. Hahnemann's work (Heilkunst), including Sequential Treatment. 


He is the principal tutor and supervisor for the history, philosophy and principles of Romantic Science and RomanticScience Healthcare.


​He has written extensively, in particular creating the various programs of study, as well as articles for health journals and books for the general public. A general search on the internet will provide a more general indication of his contributions. 



  • Autism: The Journey Back

  • Homeopathy Renewed A Sequential Approach to the Treatment of Chronic Illness

  • A Time for Healing

  • Homeopathy Re–examined: Beyond the Classical Paradigm (with Steven Decker)

  • The Dynamic Legacy: Hahnemann from Homeopathy to Heilkunst (with Steven Decker) - see at

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