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Treatment Program

A successful treatment program must:

  • identify all possible causes of illness;

  • address both regimenal factors (nutritional deficiencies and toxic overload) and specific blockages to health (shocks, traumas, iatrogenic insults, emotional conflicts, inherited factors);

  • take into account genetic, biochemical and psychological individuality;

  • be practical, easy to implement, and affordable;

  • provide an easy to understand map of treatment for both practitioner and patient;

  • be able to address and manage the healing process;

  • be sufficiently flexible to address acute situations and new information.


We have designed our program, through more than 25 years of research and clinical experience, so that it:


  • can be done via phone/Skype consultations

  • can be carried out readily at home

  • will involve minimal supplements

  • is based on objective tests and information

  • provides the basis for a maintenance healthcare program you can continue the rest of your life on your own. 

Getting Started - Easy as A,B,C


Contact the Clinic to schedule a consultation.


Submit completed intake forms.


Be consulted by phone or Skype - your choice.

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