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Certificates and Diplomas - Chart

For each program successfully completed, a registered student will receive a diploma or certificate of completion.


The initial level leads to a General Diploma in Romantic Science - history, philosophy and principles - B.RSc. If a thesis is further undertaken on a topic related to Romantic Science, an Honours Diploma will be awarded - B.RSc. (Hon.)


Those who wish to study one or more of the specific streams in RomanticScience Healthcare for a greater understanding of the laws and principles applicable to each, and for the purpose of their own health, will receive specific Certificates of Completion.


Those who further undertake the Clinical Internship requisite for each such stream will be eligible for a Practitioner Diploma:


RomanticScience Healthcare Practitioner Diploma - Therapeutic Regimen - DRHP (Physic)

RomanticScience Healthcare Practitioner Diploma - Therapeutic Medicine - DRHP (Med.)

RomanticScience Healthcare Diploma - Therapeutic Education - DRH (Edu.)


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