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Healthcare Programs 

Study Content

Once you have completed the foundational levels in Romantic Science, you can choose to continue your studies in RomanticScience Healthcare. Health of body, mind, soul and spirit is the basis of life, its meaning and enjoyment. There are three great natural laws to achieve and maintain health. Each one operates within a specific context, with its own principles and therapeutics.

Therapeutic Regimen


*General Theory of Health

*Law of Opposites

*Principle of Optimum Stimulation

*Dynamic Balance (homeostasis)

*Remediation of Disorder

*Natural healing (sustentive) power


Life on earth is due to continual  stimulants - natural basic ones, such as air, water, sunshine, food, as well as those of a higher nature at the cultural and spiritual level. Our health involves receiving the optimum kind and quantity of stimulation at all levels - body, mind, soul and spirit.


In the past, man was guided largely by tradition and wisdom in terms of how to live a healthy life within a particular ethnic and geographic area. In the modern world, with international food trade, industrial food production, and modern telecommunications, we are often lost in the welter of choices, and conflicting advice.


Romantic Science helps to provide a rational, objective basis for choosing those stimulants that are resonant with who we are, both in terms of typologies (such as blood or metabolic types) or our individuality (genetic factors and individual aspirations). 


The scientific use of certain stimulants in any given case - therapeutic regimen - operates according to the natural law of opposites.


The natural healing (sustentive) power of our Life Force continually seeks to maintain a dynamic balance (homeostasis) and to prevent any unnatural osscilation of functioning of the organism, or disorder. However, when the system cannot maintain or restore the natural balance or homeostasis on its own in the face of various disturbances due to non-resonant stimuli, therapeutic interventions then become necessary.


Each intervention corrects either a deficiency or excess of necessary stimuli, both in kind and quantity. Too much or too little Vitamin C, exercise or sunshine, for example, can harm you.


In this program you will learn about the laws, principles and therapeutic tools of Romantic Science available to remove imbalances and restore and maintain health. 


Therapeutic Medicine


*Specific Theory of Health

*Law of Similars

*Principle of Resonance​

*Dynamic Balance (palingenesis)

*Remediation of Disease

*Generative power

When disorders are not corrected with therapeutic regimen, they weaken the organism to the point that it becomes susceptible to disease. Disease is a dynamic disturbance engendered by an agent that can impinge the generative power of the Life Force. It cannot be corrected by altering regimen, but only by using a medicinal agent according to the natural law of similars.


The symptoms we suffer from are not the disease itself, but are caused by the natural healing power seeking to remove the disease. However, it cannot remove a disease the way it can correct a regimenal imbalance (disorder).  


Romantic Science gives us a rational, objective basis for identifying true disease, not just names for common symptoms. Arthritis (or inflammation of the joints) is not a disease, for example. It is due either to regimenal imbalances or to various disease causes, or a combination of both. Romantic Science also provides the means to know the curative nature of any medicinal agent, and to then apply the right (resonant) medicine to the disease(s) at hand in a given case according to the law of similars.


Most diseases and disease-conditions today tend to be chronic and complex. Romantic Science provides a comprehensive understanding, identification and treatment of such cases that is highly effective and non-toxic. 


Diseases can be natural, such as physical and emotional traumas, or infections, or they can be iatrogenic (due to drugs, injections, and other such interventions). There are also certain chronic disease patterns that a person brings into the world with them that lie behind many if not most complex cases.


In this program, you will learn about the dynamic nature of disease, how to recognize such diseases in a given case, and how to successfully develop and apply a program of treatment based on natural law principles, even for the most chronic, complex disease conditions. 



Therapeutic Education


*Overarching Theory of Health


*Principle of Truth (Epistemology)​

*Dynamic Understanding (epignosis)

*Remediation of False Beliefs

*Cognitive capacity



The ultimate source of disorder and disease is ignorance concerning what is optimum (that is, resonant) for our health. This ignorance about Romantic Science (the science of resonance) leads us to hold beliefs rather than possess knowledge to govern our actions. Such beliefs then lead to delusions and illusions about what is really healthy for our body, mind, soul and spirit. We effectively become split from our true self, and are more governed by the false self or ego. 


Our false perceptions of the world and of ourselves lead us to make choices, whether consciously or sub-consciously, that are harmful to our well-being and happiness.


We are not only split (vertically) internally, between our true and false self, and between our conscious and sub-conscious minds, but also horizontally between subject/object, self and other.


We were created a unit of mind and consciousness that has masculine and feminine properties, but this unity became split, both internally (energetically) and externally (physically). 


The essence of Romantic Science is to find ways to remove the barriers of false beliefs and to knowledge about reality, in terms of nature, man and God. The key is to bring the divisions of our primordial unity back together on the basis of resonant actions, that is, those that support the fullfillment of our true desires and aspiration, our purpose for being here. It is only in following our desire function that we can be find true health and true happiness.


In this program, you will learn about 

the problem of knowing, and how to remove the barriers to knowledge of our true self and the world. The work of the other two programs supports your study here, by removing blockages (disorders and diseases) that also interfere with our cognitive capacity.

Clinical Internships

You can choose to study one or more of the three streams of RomanticScience Healthcare simply for your own knowledge and improvement. You can also decide you would like to help others achieve health and happiness in their lives and become a certified RomanticScience Healthcare practitioner by completing the comprehensive clinical internship specific to each diploma program.

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