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Study Programs Advance Chart

Study Order


Usually, you would start with the Foundations of Western Culture. If you then wish to advance further in the study of man himself, you would continue to Fundamentals of Dynamic Physiology. You might then choose to go to the Advanced Dynamic Physiology & Foundations of RomanticScience Healthcare, particularly if you had decided to undertake one of the diploma level programs. 


Once the three foundational programs are completed, you would normally opt to continue with the Therapeutic Regimen diploma study, though in some cases, you might be able to commence with Therapeutic Medicine. Both programs can be taken without continuing on to the final stage of Clinical Internship for each. In some case, access to the Therapeutic Education stream might be allowed (though not to the clinical level).


​Access to clinical is only for registered students who have completed all previous levels. Access to the Clinical Iinternship for Therapeutic Education is only open to those who have successfully completed the Therepeutic Regimen and Therapeutic Medicine Clinical Internships respectively. 

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