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Hours of Study

​Our study program is serious and intensive, yet is structured to allow for regular study on-line while also working or fulfilling other responsibilities. It is ideal for those who like self-study, yet desire a certain structure and guidance along the way.


The first three levels of Romantic Science set the foundations for later study. They represent the equivalent of approximately 2 years of post-secondary, college-level study, roughly about 1800 hours of study-equivalent.


Each of the specific streams of RomanticScience Healthcare represent a further 2000 hours of study time. In addition each Clinical Internship is approximately 1500 hours of training. 


Completion of a Medicine or Regimen Practitioner Program is roughly equivalent to a four-year college diploma. This represents a significant achievement. Our students are justifiably proud of their certificates and diplomas. 


However, study is structured so that this can be done over time, at your pace and while also working or practicing. Once you have achieved a practitioner level diploma in one stream, you can start a practice while continuing to work on furthering your studies and training. 


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