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A letter from one of the graduates of our Romantic Science Foundations Program:
Researching and Writing
Dear Future Student,


It is with great honor and excitement that I welcome and challenge you to consider enrolling in the Romantic Science & Healthcare College.It is one of the greatest rewards and challenges I invested into myself.Some people buy stock in the stock market and I say,“Buy and put stock into yourself!”I want to share my experience, strength and hope with you, so that you can get a glimpse into this rich and continual life changing, true education.I name all my papers and decided to name this one, “Ten life times.”

My experience is such that I had a less then satisfying educational experience growing up and most of my college experiences were dull and boring.It was with some professor, who was barley interested in what they were teaching, spewing out statistics and irrelevant facts, that don’t have any place in a university, called an education center.I felt stifled to say the least and I became frustrated, dropped out and started self-studying what was interesting to me. I couldn’t have made a better decision because it leads me to, “The education of ten life times!” With no indoctrination!There is an unlimited amount of knowledge, wisdom and culture in the Romantic Sciences and Healthcare College to last “ten life times!” One of the most important parts is that “I get to take it with me!”And this is what I mean by “buying and putting stock into myself!” The science and wisdom from the college is so impressionable that it will remain within my mind forever in some shape or form!All this education from the college imprinted on my body, mind and spirit! Nice! Only a graduate will know what I’m talking about! And so, if you want to know what I’m talking about, then enroll into the college and even if you don’t end up practicing, your mind will be certainly thankful for the next, “ten life times!”

It’s strength is that the courses are effortless and comfortable to study anywhere, anyplace, and the material is laid-out in a beautiful interface program, that is seamless and convenient.The courses challenged me in every way possible, imprinted, and opened my mind using reading, writing and comprehension. This process helped me to grow in wisdom, spirituality and comprehend culturally. From this, I can also teach philosophy, wisdom and culture to family, friends and clients or teach anybody, anywhere, anytime, who is willing to learn. If you are a single male, forget about what this does for your dating life. I’ve had women say, “I’m attracted to your mind!” And beg for more and more! “How great is that?”Nice!

The 'founding fathers', Rudi Verspoor and Steven Decker, are so gifted and inspirational, that they have become what I call my “Surrogate educational fathers!” They have helped me in ways that I don’t think I could articulate.I remain grateful to them and am so appreciative for them working tirelessly and unselfishly, to lay out this beautiful learning and growing experience, that will remain in my mind and consciousness now and forevermore!

My hope is that you will consider enrolling and enter a world that is beyond your wildest dreams.My life is beyond rich and it’s because of this wonderful college called the School for Romantic Sciences and Healthcare.

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