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Free Lectures

Recordings of various topics on Romantic Science healthcare and Heilkunst Medicine. 
Listen to these recordings to learn more about what's covered in our study programs.

Hahnemann’s True Medicine


  • What’s unique of Heilkunst

  • Tonic Disease and Pathic Desease

  • An example on how to treat acute measles

2020-0425-01 Hahnemann True Medicine TwoRudi Verspoor
00:00 / 08:12

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Heilkunst: First Treat the Cause 


  • What’s unique of Heilkunst: First Identify the Cause

  • Why traumatic timeline is important in Heilkunst

  • Disease categorization: Iatrogenic/Drug-caused diseases 

  • An example of treating a rheumatoid arthritis condition through causes (vaccine shock, traumas, and more) 

2020-0425-02 Hahnemann Treat Causes FirsRudi Verspoor
00:00 / 08:11

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Heilkunst: Fears and Chthonic Realm


  • Heilkunst: Chthonic Realm

  • Fear: remedies and human members 

  • Two types: Upper man and Nether being

  • Thermal disturbance

  • Example: Belladonna, ...

2020-0425-03 Cthonic Realm Pathic DiseasRudi Verspoor
00:00 / 06:46

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Heilkunst: Chthonic Realm "Hot stream" "Cold stream"


  • Hot stream: Bell, Stram, Hyos, Ver-album

  • Cold stream: Arnica, Baryta-carb, Bufo, Helleborus 

2020-0425-04 Cthonic Hot and Cold StreamRudi Verspoor
00:00 / 02:07

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Heilkunst: "Trauma" and Deep-seated Fear 


  • Heilkunst: “Trauma” and Deep-seated fears

  • Studying philosophy and principles

  • Laws of nature and of spirit

  • "Truth" sets you free from fear

2020-0425-05 Trauma Fear and Knowledge.mRudi Verspoor
00:00 / 02:00

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Heilkunst: Ignorance-Fear Highest-Deepest Disease 


  • Heilkunst: Highest and Deepest Diseases 

  • What’s beyond the remedies discussed? 

  • Fear - many layers; Snake and Spider remedies Lectures 

  • Therapeutic Education/Dynamic Education 

2020-0425-06 Highest and Deepest DiseaseRudi Verspoor
00:00 / 04:20

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Heilkunst and Repertorization


  • Heilkunst and Repertorization

  • Treat the causes first and less need for repertorization 

  • Causality-based treatment

  • Symptom-based treatment

2020-0425-07 Treat Causes Less Need for Rudi Verspoor
00:00 / 01:51

2020-04-25 Live Study Session

Come back for more free lecture clips as they become available! 

Student Testimonial

I  wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for all you have done to develop the college program! I am enjoying it immensely and It will be imprinted in my mind and I will keep re-reading, exploring, growing, developing, and having fun!! It’s so playful for my mind…


The Dynamic  Regimen curriculum is so much fun and it’s taught me that, "I never want to get to the ‘KNOWING OF EVERYTHING’; I love the mystery too much!” 

The [program] has taught me how to be more playful with learning and studying; that’s a huge deal for this rising Sun in Virgo perfectionist! 

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